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Physical therapy is an important part of a treatment plan for many conditions. Also called physiotherapy, physical therapy is used effectively in helping injured workers return to the workforce, people suffering from arthritis and people recovering from surgery among other injuries and conditions.

Muscle and joint pain can slow you down, making it more challenging to maneuver through daily activities and enjoy your leisure time. At Align Health & Wellness, we offer professional physical therapy near West Windsor, NJ, with experienced physical therapists and proven techniques. If you experience pain when engaging in your daily life, you may benefit from physical therapy at our offices in Allentown and West Windsor, NJ.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy helps strengthen muscles, improve balance and mobility, and alleviate pain. At Align Health and Wellness, we rely on tried-and-true physical therapy methods to help you meet your health goals.

How Does Physical Therapy Work?

Our physical therapy treatments follow a distinct pattern that, while adjusted to meet each patient’s needs, helps every patient find relief.


Your physical therapist will ask questions and determine what treatments work best for you. Each patient’s physical therapy treatment includes exercises, stretches, and other regimens targeting your pain. If you and a friend see the same physical therapist, you may find significant differences in your treatment plans when comparing notes.

Patient Education

First and foremost, our team at Align Health & Wellness wants our patients to understand how to care for themselves and help themselves heal. You can come to every physical therapy appointment and still make no progress if you don’t know how to alleviate pain on your own. Physical therapy requires a thorough understanding of why you’re hurting and what activities can provide relief.

Physical Stimulation

Physical therapy often includes some massage therapy and hands-on simulation to help patients feel better. Especially when practicing exercises that need increased stretching or strength training, your physical therapist may guide you with physical stimulation. Therapeutic exercise often needs time to work but knowing how far to push yourself helps you not worsen your pain.

Is Physical Therapy the Same as Chiropractic Care?

While both chiropractic care and physical therapy address musculoskeletal aches and pains in the body, our chiropractors in West Windsor, NJ, address not only your pain but also your overall health.

Chiropractic care incorporates chiropractic spinal manipulations, nutrition and diet, stress management, and exercise routines, while physical therapy focuses primarily on helping relieve joint and movement pain using various techniques. Practitioners of each receive different training and credentials.

Physical therapists help patients heal from injuries, chronic pain, or other onset health concerns. You’ll work with their guidance to reach your health goals, self-treat your pain at home, and live a comfortable life.

To take advantage of both chiropractic care and physical therapy, Align Health & Wellness offers both services. You can combine visits with our chiropractors and with physical therapy treatment to enjoy the best pain relief, range of motion, and mobility.

What Can Physical Therapy Treat?

Physical therapy in West Windsor, NJ, treats various aches and pains resulting from many different health concerns. Our treatments include assistance with the following:

Pain Management

No one should have to learn to live with pain. Working through specific exercises combined with patient education, our physical therapists guide you in discovering new ways to relieve your pain and live happily. Some forms of pain we can address include:

  • Headaches
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain

Mobility Enhancement

Many patients discover physical therapy when researching ways to improve their mobility, especially when suffering from joint or back pain. Daily life requires you to move around, whether cooking or going for a walk with your dog. Get back to enjoying life with physical therapy if you suffer mobility problems from:

  • Natural age-related pains
  • Stiff or tense muscles
  • Injury recoveries

Improved Healing

Our physical therapy near West Windsor, NJ, can help you heal from various incidents. Whether you pulled a muscle, dislocated a limb, or suffered a physical disorder, you’ll find that physical therapy enhances your healing abilities. Patients who have experienced the following types of situations may benefit from improved healing with physical therapy:

  • Workplace injuries
  • Surgeries
  • Strokes
  • Car accidents

Why Start Engage in Physical Therapy for Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents jar your body and can cause multiple injuries, some so tiny that regular X-rays and other medical imaging equipment can’t see them. While some patients suffer from whiplash, others deal with severe injuries that limit their physical capabilities. Physical therapy for car accident injuries at Align Health & Wellness helps you recover more quickly and get your life back.

Minor Injury Recovery

Back pain and a sore, stiff neck commonly appear in car accident victims. Your physical therapist can help you find relief from these pains with exercises in-office, plus a plan to follow at home. Because whiplash sometimes won’t begin hurting until days after a car accident, practicing physical therapy before the pain starts may reduce the intensity.

Major Injury Recovery

In the case of broken bones, organ damage, or other significant injuries, you should first get treatment from emergency doctors or your physician and only begin physical therapy once you’ve received medical clearance. Once your doctor gives you the green light, you should begin physical therapy as soon as possible.

Besides the injuries sustained during the accident, your recovery may have limited your mobility and range of motion. Physical therapy helps patients reach a healthy activity level regardless of how long they’ve had to wait. Some conditions physical therapy can help patients recover from include:

  • Long-time recovery in a hospital bed
  • Inability to walk due to injured hips, legs, or feet
  • Inability to use their arms due to injuries

Secondary Injury Avoidance

After a car accident, you may not feel your injuries immediately. These invisible injuries can lead you to make your injuries worse accidentally, such as putting pressure on broken bones, overworking torn or ripped muscles, or damaging injured or inflamed joints. Physical therapy after a car accident helps you identify and treat potential injuries with gentle exercises.

Custom Exercise and Stretching Programs Help The Body Heal After an Injury

Exercises may vary and change from patient to patient, but the goal is always the same. The aim of a rehabilitation program is to regain pre-injury levels in all aspects of physical fitness. Correction of muscle imbalance problems around the shoulder, hip or knee are addressed effectively with exercise rehabilitation guided by a trained professional. Core stability muscles are also an important part of the treatment of chronic lower back pain.

A full rehabilitation and strengthening program is essential to ensure full recovery and to prevent further injury. These exercises sometimes include muscle stretching, joint mobility exercises or muscle strengthening exercises.

Benefits of Exercise Rehabilitation:

  1. Reduces or eliminates pain
  2. Can help avoid surgery
  3. Improves mobility
  4. Recover from or prevent sports injuries
  5. Improves balance
  6. Manages diabetes and vascular conditions
  7. Helps manage and prevent health issues due to aging
Physical Therapy Near West Windsor, NJ

Exercise Rehabilitation Helps To Improve Flexibility and Balance

Flexibility is the ability to extend or stretch without breaking. The term is usually used to describe muscles but can also be used to describe a movement involving a number of muscles. Not only does physiotherapy build muscle strength and aid in recovery, but these exercises work to improve flexibility as well. This is a vital part of maintaining a sound body. Balance can be difficult for the body after time regardless if you are injured or not. The body sometimes works to compensate for weak areas, ultimately throwing the body off balance from something as simple as daily activities.

Physiotherapy Treatment Modalities Used at Our Licensed Physical Therapy Clinic

Electric Muscle Stimulation: Electric muscle stimulation is a physiotherapy modality that is used to stimulate muscle contractions with the use electrodes hooked up to an electric stimulation machine. These contractions help to control pain, manage inflammation and strengthen the muscle.

Massage Therapy: Acupressure uses gentle to firm finger pressure on the pressure points and meridians much like acupuncture does with the use of needles. As these acupressure points are stimulated, muscular tension releases, circulation of blood is promoted and the body’s life force energy is enhanced to aid in healing.

Spinal Decompression: Spinal decompression therapy uses a traction table to slowly stretch the spine in order to allow for the entry of vital nutrients that aid in the recovery of injury. The non-invasive therapy is extremely effective at helping patients with lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, herniated / bulging discs, headaches and more.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a 3,000 year old healing technique of traditional Chinese medicine. It works by improving the body’s function while stimulating specific acupuncture pressure points in order to promote the self-healing process of the body.

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When to See a Physical Therapist Near Me in New Jersey

According to the Good Body, physical therapists across the country complete more than 300 million sessions every year. The patients in these sessions visit the therapist for various, but it all boils down to living comfortably and getting back to doing what they love without pain.

If you’ve never experienced physical therapy in New Jersey or anywhere else, you might struggle to see a how a physical therapist can improve your life. What are the signs you should look for in the first place?

As New Jersey’s top-rated physical therapy center, we recommend seeing a physical therapist to eliminate musculoskeletal pain and improve strength, mobility, and flexibility.

You should see a physical therapist if any of the following scenarios are applicable in your case.

West Windsor Physical Therapy

You Have Lingering Pain

It’s okay to feel some pain or discomfort after a workout or physical labor. It’s also normal to experience some pain after sleeping in a poor posture or using the wrong pillows. However, the pain should generally resolve in three days.

If you have musculoskeletal pain lasting weeks, that’s your cue to schedule a consultation with a physical therapist.

You Have Dull, Recurring Pain

According to a JAMA Network Open study reported on Health.comone in five Americans is currently living with chronic pain.

Many people ignore the pain and try to live with it. However, it’s not normal to be in pain. Everyone around you might be comfortable with referencing their back or leg pain in passing, but those are all people who should be taking physical therapy sessions.

An experienced physical therapist can tackle the problem and help you restore your freedom and mobility.

You Suffered Some Trauma

Physical therapy is highly beneficial for people recovering from injuries and traumas affecting the muscles, ligaments, and bones.

After you’ve completed your initial treatment, you need to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist to discuss your individual recovery plan and ensure you heal properly from the trauma.

Pain Medications Are No Longer Effective

Some people prefer using pain medication to numb all types of musculoskeletal pain. However, as long as the cause of the pain remains, the painkillers may lose efficacy, pushing you to desire higher doses. That approach to pain management is one of the leading causes of opioid addiction.

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), one in three Americans know someone addicted to opioid painkillers.

You can avoid becoming a part of the statistics by embracing physical therapy. Physical therapists address the underlying cause of the pain and discomfort, weaning you off drug-based pain management approaches.

You’ve Noticed Pain-Inducing Changes in Your Body

No one knows your body better than you. If you start to feel some pain in one or more parts of your body all of a sudden, you should consider seeing a physical therapist.

Some patients who have visited Align Health & Wellness for physical therapy in New Jersey booked an appointment after experiencing a swollen knee or wrist, reduced mobility, and stiffness. The early appointment helped many of them avoid more debilitating conditions.

You Are in Recovery After a Surgery

Physical therapy can help speed up healing and recovery from certain surgeries, including microdiscectomy, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, and ACL reconstruction. Physical therapy will help you get back to using the affected part of the body quickly.

You Are About to Undergo Surgery

Physical therapy can help ensure positive outcomes for surgeries. This treatment is known as pre-habilitation. The goal is to help prepare your body for the procedure you’re about to undergo.

Quality prehab can lead to positive surgery outcomes, reduce the length of stay in a hospital, and help you avoid some side effects of the surgery.

You Have Recurring Injuries

Does it seem like you can’t catch a break with specific injuries? Don’t keep waiting out the pain and undergoing recovery on your own. A physical therapist can help ensure complete recovery and also prevent those injuries from returning.

You Are Pregnant or Just Had Your Baby

The body undergoes significant changes from conception to delivery. Working with a physical therapist through the process is highly beneficial. The therapist can help evaluate the changes to your body and guide you through exercises to ensure optimum physical health throughout the pregnancy.

After the birth, your physical therapist can create a treatment plan to help retrain your body and get you back to your active lifestyle.

You’re Struggling with Daily Activities

Have you noticed an increase in general discomfort while doing everyday activities like walking your dog, playing with your children, or doing some chores? A physical therapist can uncover the source of the discomfort and put together a treatment plan that will help you get back to doing the things you love.

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Learn more: Reasons to undergo physical therapy after a car accident.


What Should I Expect in My First Physical Therapy Session?

Your first physical therapy session is generally an evaluation. During the session, the physical therapist will discuss your musculoskeletal health in detail and complete an assessment. The final part of the session will be about explaining the diagnosis and discuss your treatment plan.

Will I Need Physical Therapy Forever?

The goal of physical therapy is to address the underlying causes of pain and discomfort. The timeline for achieving that goal will vary from patient to patient. However, those who adhere to treatment recommendations and keep up healthy habits won’t need physical therapy forever.

Can I Undergo Physical Therapy in NJ Today?

Yes. You can undergo a physical therapy session today by visiting Align Health & Wellness. Our doctors offer same-day appointments.

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