Timmy Foster

Timmy Foster

Holistic Hormonal Practitioner

Timmy Foster is a Holistic Hormonal Practitioner. He holds an allopathic pre-med degree from New Jersey and is a graduate of Queensland Australia in naturopathic sciences specializing in holistic hormones.

He has been educating and assisting patients about proper hormonal balance and regulation since 2007. He originally started a practice in NYC for pre-and post-natal women. And now he runs a nationwide holistic hormonal concierge medical practice.

At his practice, he helps patients learn more about how their bodies work and how they can regulate their hormones. He uses many techniques such as proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, evidence-based exercise routines, and individualized supplementation.

He works holistically with women’s health issues, natural family planning, non-bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy, nutritional deficiencies, endocrine issues, digestive conditions, weight loss, gut health, and hormonal cycling.

Instead of masking symptoms with pharmaceuticals, he prides himself on finding the root cause based on objective labs to find potential deficiencies.

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