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You Don’t Have to Live with Leg Pain!

Minimally Invasive Treatment Provides Instant, Lasting Relief

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because your legs hurt? Do you experience swelling or heaviness in your legs? Is the ache worse after spending a long day at work?

Chronic, unexplained leg pain is not normal. Being on your feet all day shouldn’t leave you feeling terrible, yet 40% of Americans report that they have significant leg pain (including cramps, charley horses, and restless legs) at least three times a week.

What Would You Do If Your Legs Didn’t Hurt?

The worst thing about leg pain is that it keeps you from living your best life. When your legs hurt, you’re not playing with your kids. You’re not going out with your friends. You’re not chasing your goals or achieving your dreams – all because of the pain that slows you down & steals your energy.

There is help. A simple 20-minute test – totally chemical fee and absolutely non-invasive – will show if circulation issues are causing your leg pain. When the blood in your body isn’t moving around as quickly as it needs to, it hurts. Circulation problems often go undiagnosed, but once it’s clear what the issue is, total, lasting relief is possible. You can get your life back and start having fun again.

The treatment for venous insufficiency – by far the most common circulation problem that causes leg pain – is a safe, simple outpatient procedure that takes about 20 minutes. Many of our patients walk out of our office and right back to their normal routine after treatment. You’ll have an elastic wrap (similar to an ACE bandage) to wear for 24 hours after the procedure – and then you’re free to see how much better life is when your legs don’t hurt all the time.


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